by Pamela Goodman
PicturePamela (left) in Sculpt & Sweat class Fall '14. Photo by instructor, Jessi Haggerty.
November 8th was the official start of OnStage Dance Company Season Eight. This will be my third season performing with OnStage. My dance training prior to this was only in ballet, but when I became a member I saw so many other forms of dance...hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary, hooping, latin dance, etc. I quickly found that I was interested in other styles and realized I could bring my passion for dance into them. So, during the off season I started setting goals for myself.

I chose to get my body stronger and to work on cardio fitness for two reasons: One, to be a stronger dancer, but also because I found Bollywood so beautiful and I wanted to train to be able to take on that challenge. I concentrated on Jessi Haggerty's Sweat and Sculpt class. While it was very challenging, I soon saw the changes in my body and started feeling stronger every week. I also found that, as with performing, classes are not just about me but the collective atmosphere of the teacher and the other dancers.   

Fast forward to November 8th. Audition day is so exciting for me. I look forward to seeing my fellow dancers and new faces but my favorite part is watching the new choreographed dances and choosing what I want to be in. At midnight on November 9th, I scrolled through the preliminary rosters and saw that I was in Bollywood. I was so excited!

Not until performance day will I have achieved my goal but the journey to that day will be so rewarding. For me, OnStage is about us all collectively weaving one beautiful tapestry. I could not be more honored and proud to be part of that tapestry. Here's to Season Eight!



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